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Campismos (Cuban campgrounds)

Campismos, Jibacoa, Cuba

At walking distance from the Jibacoa resorts you can find several Campismos (camping areas) also known as "Cabanas Campismos". They are not traditional campgrounds where one actually camp with a tent (as found in Europe or North-America); this is a place where people can rent a cabin (for 2 to 8 people) and enjoy the on-site pool, beach, playground, restaurant, and activities for the whole family.

Every year more than two million Cubans and about 15,000 foreign visitors enjoy this very low cost accommodation. But only a few campismos are allowed to rent a cabin to foreigners, Campismo Los Cocos is one of them and is also considered as one of the best in Cuba. The campismos are classified by rate of comfort, from 1 to 5 (1 being best).

The campismos in the Jibacoa area are (from west to east):

  • Campismo Los Cocos (rating: 1)
  • Campismo Las Caletas (rating: 2)
  • Campismo El Abra (rating: 3)
  • Campismo La Laguna (rating: 3)
  • Campismo Playa Amarilla (rating: 5)
  • Campismo Penas Blancas (rating: 3)

You can also just visit a campismo for the day (or just a few hours), it's a fun experience that allows you to see how the Cubans enjoy their leisure time, and to meet the locals.

The Campismos Los Cocos opened in the 80's as a regular camground (where people camp with a tent), but in 2003 they began the construction of concrete cabanas (cabins). The new Campismo Los Cocos was offically inaugurated on May 19th, 2006 in commemoration of the 25th anniversary of the founding of the Campismos network.

They are managed by the Grupo Empresarial Campismo Popular and can be found all over Cuba, 84 of them in 60 municipalities, with a capacity of 18,447 units.

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