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Phone Calls

The "Empresa de Telecomunicaciones de Cuba S. A." (ETECSA) (in English: Telecommunications Company of Cuba) is the sole government-owned service provider for the entire country. Their services include: Telephony, Mobile telephony (through their CUBACEL branch), and Internet and WiFi (through their NAUTA branch).

From landlines

Pre-paid calling card CubaTourists can make a call from their hotel's telephone service (charged to the room) at the cost of 2-3 CUC per minute. But the most economical way is to purchase a Tarjeta Telefónica PROPRIA, it's a prepaid phone card with a personal code that can be used with any public phone or private phone to make national or international calls. Dialing instructions appear on the back of the card. You can buy them in most hotels, ETECSA offices and MiniPuntos, commercial centers, airports, etc. They come in denominations of 5 CUC or 10 CUC. For more information on public phones and the Propria service, visit the following section of the ETECSA website:

Here are the rates(*) when using a Propria prepaid calling Card:
• National calls: 0.05 to 1.00 CUC / minute (depending on distance and time of day)
• International calls (all countries): 1.00 CUC per minute (at any time)
(*) Subject to change, please check the ETECSA website (

icon warningThere are 2 types of Propria cards: The GREEN one sold in CUC (Cuban Convertible Pesos) for national and international calls, and the BLUE one sold in CUP (Cuban Pesos aka Moneda Nacional) for local and national calls only.

Canada Direct Service
ETECSA provides a toll-free number 0800-CANDA (0800-22632) to Canadians who want to make a phone call from Cuba to Canada (or any other country) and have the call charged to their own phone account in Canada.

Collect calls
They can be made only from designated public phones located in places of high communication need (considered Category 1) such as: polyclinics, hospitals, dental clinics, pharmacies, funeral homes, cemeteries, maternity and nursing homes, terrestrial, naval and air public transport terminals, and facilities in charge of ticket reservations. To access the collect service on these public phones, you must dial 1 6969.

Mobile telephony (cellphone)

Mobile telephony operates under the GSM (900 MHz) standard on the entire Cuban territory, and in 3G in Havana City, provincial capitals, and tourist poles in the northern part of the country (Havana, Varadero, Cayo Santa Maria, Cayo Ensenachos, Cayo Las Brujas, Cayo Coco, Cayo Guillermo).

Tourists and foreigners can use their cellphone in Cuba (with their own number) via the Cubacel network. ETECSA has roaming agreements with a hundreds of mobile carriers from more than 160 countries (listed in their website: We suggest that you check with your carrier to see if your phone has international capabilities and to enable international roaming.

Another less expensive way to use your own cellphone in Cuba is to rent a SIM card (Contrato Temporal Prepago). If you have an unlocked GSM-capable phone, you can rent a SIM card from Cubacel (in Cubacel/ETECSA offices); daily rate is 3 CUC and they come with prepaid minutes in amounts of 10, 20 or 40 CUC. You can also rent a cellphone in Cuba (in ETECSA/Cubacel offices), they charge a one-time refundable deposit of 100 CUC, plus a daily fee of 10 CUC. Note that there's no ETECSA office in Jibacoa, the nearest one is in the town of Santa Cluz del Norte (about 10 km from Playa Jibacoa).

How to make a phone call from/to JIBACOA:

International Calls :

   How to make a phone call from Cuba to another country:

   • Dial 119
   • Dial the Country Code (Canada: 1, USA: 1, UK: 44, Spain: 34, France: 33, Germany: 49, Argentina: 54, etc.)
   • Dial the Phone Number (including the area code)

   How to make a phone call to a LANDLINE in JIBACOA from another country:

   • Dial your country's Exit Code for international calls (Canada/USA:011, Italy:00, UK:00, Spain:00, Germany:00, etc.)
   • Dial 53 (Country code for Cuba)
   • Dial 47 (Regional code for the Mayabeque province)
   • Dial Phone Number

   How to make a phone call to a CELLPHONE in Cuba from another country:

   • Dial your country's Exit Code for international calls (Canada/USA:011, Italy:00, UK:00, Spain:00, Germany:00, etc.)
   • Dial 53 (Country code for Cuba)
   • Dial the Cellphone Number (8 digits always starting by 5)

Local Calls within Cuba :

   From a LANDLINE to another LANDLINE:

   • Within the same area code, dial : Phone Number
   • To make a long-distance call, dial: 0 + Area Code + Phone Number


   • Dial 01 (01 is the code for all provinces in Cuba except for the city of Havana, if calling from Havana City the code is 0)
   • Dial the Cellphone Number (8 digits always starting by 5)

   (It is no longer required to dial 0 since October 2013)

   • Dial the Area Code (see list on the left)
   • Dial the Phone Number

   From a CELLPHONE to another CELLPHONE:

   • Dial the Cellphone Number (including 5 which is the first digit of every Cuban cellphone number)

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