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How to get to Jibacoa - BY TRAIN

Another way to get to Jibacoa is on the Hershey Electric Railway that runs from the city of Havana to the city of Matanzas. This train departs three times per day from the Casablanca station in Havana, which is located on the eastern shore of the Havana harbor. It travels all the way to Matanzas making numerous stops in small towns and villages along the way, including Jibacoa and Arcos de Canasi, which are the closest villages to the Jibacoa beach-resort. It’s a very inexpensive way to travel (see prices below)! See here the Train Itinerary

From these two villages there’s no bus service to the beach, you may try to find a private taxi (taxi particular) or hitchhike, but traffic is very sporadic. The Jibacoa pueblo is about 5 km from the beach-resort, and the Canasi pueblo is about 6 km from the beach-resort. These are walkable distances if you don’t have too heavy luggage. Note that the road between the Jibacoa village and the beach is more pleasant and easy than the one between the Canasi Village and the beach.

Prices to take the Hershey Train :

Havana (Casablanca Train Station) to :
• Tarara: Adult 0.40 CUC / Child 0.40 CUC
• Guanabo: Adult 0.75 CUC / Child 0.40 CUC
• Hershey: Adult 1.40 CUC / Child 0.70 CUC
Jibacoa: Adult 1.65 CUC / Child 0.85 CUC
• Canasi: Adult 1.95 CUC / Child 1.00 CUC
• Matanzas: Adult 2.80 CUC / Child 1.40 CUC

Schedule (3 departures per day) :

• Havana 04:45 – Hershey 06:20 – Matanzas 08:10
• Havana 12:20 – Hershey 14:00 – Matanzas 15:40
• Havana 16:35 – Hershey 18:15 – Matanzas 20:00

• Matanzas 04:35 – Hershey 06:30 – Havana 08:00
• Matanzas 12:10 – Hershey 14:00 – Havana 15:30
• Matanzas 16:25 – Hershey 18:15 – Havana 20:10

History: In the early twentieth century, Mr. Milton Hershey, owner of the famous US chocolate factory built 140 kilometers of electric railways for transportation of raw material (sugarcane) and produced sugar to the ports, and to transport its workers, The electric train began operating in 1922. The wagons that are currently uses are from 1944 and were donated in 1997 by the city of Barcelona in Spain. For more information please visit our Hershey Town and sugar mill page.

Other ways to get to Jibacoa: By Plane |  By Bus  |  By Car  |  Hitchhiking

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