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Sightseeing and Activities

Sights and activities, Jibacoa, Cuba

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Jibacoa is often referred as one of Cuba’s "best kept secret". Not only because Jibacoa is still unspoiled, tranquil and beautiful, but also because of its strategic location, about halfway between Cuba’s vibrant capital Havana and the famous Varadero resort. The region itself has a lot to offer with its nice beaches backed by rolling hills, its scenic countryside, its picturesque villages and towns, and its nature parks. But Jibacoa is also a good centrally-located destination for people who want to discover other Cuban regions.

We divided here the Attractions & Activities into two groups: the ones in and near the Jibacoa resort, and the ones further away but often visited by tourists staying in Jibacoa. You’ll notice that the list here doesn’t included “The Beach” and “Diving & Snorkeling”, the reason is because these two activities deserve their own webpage:

Click here for more information about Jibacoa’s Beaches
Click here for more information about Diving & Snorkeling in Jibacoa

We have also a separate section about the organized organized Tours & Excursions that are proposed to guests staying in the Jibacoa’s Hotels

We strongly encourage visitors to discover the other faces of Cuba, beyond its gorgeous beaches, because the area is also rich with cultural, ecological and historical attractions and activities for everyone. All of these places can be visited on your own or as part of an organized tour.

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