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icon PassportEntry / Exit Requirements

To enter in Cuba each tourist must have a VALID PASSPORT, a Cuban Tourist Card, a Health Insurance, a return ticket, and sufficient funds to meet its financial needs during its entire stay.

Cuban Tourist Card (tourist visa) :

The Tourist Card is usually provided by tour operators, travel agencies or airlines; or it can be obtained from a Cuban government office or at any Cuban airport in the case of privately organized trips.

Health insurance :

Since May 2010, travelers must have a travel insurance that covers medical expenses in order to enter the country. Upon arrival, travelers may be required to present a proof of medical coverage valid for the period of their stay in Cuba, in the form of an insurance policy, or medical assistance card, or insurance certificate, etc. Travelers entering Cuba without medical insurance are required to purchase one through the local travelers’ aid company called ASISTUR S.A. (, they have an office in every Cuban Airport.

Return ticket and proof of sufficient funds :

Upon entry in Cuba, tourists should already have a return ticket and evidence of sufficient funds. Travelers arriving with air-only tickets (no prepaid accommodation) may have to show that they carry sufficient funds to meet their financial need; that is at least the equivalent to 50 CUC per day.

Special Visas :

If you are planning to study in Cuba, then you need a Student Visa.
If you are planning to work in Cuba, then you need a Business Visa.

Departure Tax :

NEW PROCEDURE FOR THE DEPARTURE TAX: Since May 1st 2015, the Cuban Departure Tax is no longer paid at destination. It's now already included in the taxes when buying a flight or vacation-package to Cuba.

(Before May, 2015, the departure tax of 25 CUC per person was payable at the airport when leaving Cuba. A hologram sticker was then affixed to the back of your boarding card as proof of payment.)

To learn more about immigration and customs procedures, please visit the Cuban Immigration & Customs page

To learn more about the airports serving the Jibacoa region, please visit the Airports page

icon Passport Good to know:
Since the spring of 2014, the Cuban Immigration authorities systematically stamp all passports when entering and leaving the country. This includes Americans traveling on an OFAC license and arriving on a direct flight from the United States.

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